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Get Current copper scrap price on whatsApp.

Receive current copper scrap price on whatsApp and ensure you buy and sell copper scrap at the right prices.

Who needs daily scrap prices in whatsApp?
Scrap metal buyers who deal with scrap metal on a day to day basis such as scrap yard businesses, recyclers, scrap traders etc. Scrap metal suppliers who generate scrap on a regular basis such as Ship breaking companies, metal working factories, HVAC contractors, Demolition contractors, Vehicle scraping yards etc.

Where are daily scrap metal prices obtained from?
We collect scrap metal prices from various sources, especially from scrap yards in that region and from other commercial data providers.

How much does it cost for daily scrap prices on whatsApp?
There are three different plans for every category.

Up to 3 Items
1 Year $15 (Save 60%)
6 Months $10 (Save 30%)
3 Months $5 (Save 20%)
1 Month $2
Up to 10 Items
1 Year $29 (Save 60%)
6 Months $24 (Save 30%)
3 Months $12 (Save 20%)
1 Month $4

Entire Section
1 Year $74 (Save 60%)
6 Months $35 (Save 30%)
3 Months $19 (Save 20%)
1 Month $6

If you would like to learn more about our offer details, please don't hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp at +91 8072801919.
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